Most organizations will have to relocate at some time. Smaller businesses are often optimistic – close sometime on Friday and open on Monday morning in the new office. Whether or not this is achievable depends totally on detailed preparation and communication of plans.

For larger organizations, a relocation project is usually phased over a longer period, and it requires similar communication skills and planning, albeit more granular and on a larger scale.

We have helped many businesses relocate and every move has been slightly different. No matter how detailed the plans, a problem usually arises somewhere – but with some flexibility, determination, and plans which allow for potential problems, we hope to help many more clients through this challenging phase.

The goal is for a smooth and orderly transition of business operations – including telephone services, internet services, IT equipment, and staff connectivity – so that existing customers and new potential business is not adversely affected or even lost, because of the impact of relocation.

  • PLANNING – We can help you create and manage the project plan for office relocation.
  • MOVING – Then, we can handle the technology transition itself.

If you are looking for a relocation partner, or a service provider with our skills to support your internal team, let us know how we can help.


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