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  • Endpoint Protection

One of the most obvious and visible parts of a cybersecurity strategy is the use of endpoint protection.

This is the security software which protects each device used by your organization and they need the best protection available.

Endpoints are the computer devices, laptops, smart phones and tablets, used by staff and others – and this makes them probably the most vulnerable parts of your IT landscape. Humans are focussed on their working tasks and, quite naturally, they are not necessarily aware of on the risks they present; so they need endpoint protection.

Previously this protection was generically known as ‘anti-virus software’ or ‘malware protection’, but now it must perform the impossible task of protecting against known and unknown threats, and without slowing down the performance of the device.

How can devices be protected against ‘unknown’ threats? By looking for changes or behaviour that are considered ‘unusual’. The best endpoint protection software includes this kind of monitoring capability.

We use, and recommend to our clients, a range of the best endpoint protection suites available today. To be effective these systems require careful configuration and proactive monitoring – at IntersysIT we provide and support endpoint protection to suit your business.