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  • Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft,

is the most comprehensive and easy-to- use cloud system for business.

Offices 365 offers a wide range of services, including email, file sharing, chat and video conferencing, and the Office 2016 software suite, as well as powerful data protection features and security monitoring.

It is a rapidly developing business environment which can facilitate a complete range of business operations. And you only need to subscribe to the services you want.

Explore the Microsoft website for Office 365 here…

Make IntersysIT your Microsoft Partner

If you already use Office 365 and need a professional partner to support and develop your services, follow this link to make IntersysIT your ‘partner of record’

Our Microsoft Partner ID: 2635474

Only Pay for the Parts You Need

Your business may only need to use a few of the many services available in Office 365. There is no disadvantage to using any of the Office 365 services as you need them. Add new users and only pay for staff licenses as you need them.

Microsoft have built flexibility into Office 365 to make it easy to add or remove services, or user accounts for staff, as and when you need them. Only pay for the services you need.

Customer Success Stories

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are internet services. And the internet is oxygen of business.


Azure, Aws and Google Cloud

The biggest cloud services providers are Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


No Cloud!

Not everybody wants to use the cloud for their business.