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  • No Cloud!

Not everyone wants to use the cloud for their business.

The whole world seems to be talking about ‘the cloud’, but believe or not there can be good reasons for not using it. In particular security scenarios, or when direct access to hardware is needed, or just a simple preference, whatever the reason, it is still possible for an organization to operate its data systems on its own premises.

We have experience and understanding of supporting systems which exist completely on your premises. Not surprisingly, the industry refers these as ‘on premises’ systems.

Commonly, businesses keeping some systems ‘on premises’ may also use some cloud services for some other parts of their operations. In this case they have a hybrid infrastructure: part cloud and part on premises. A good example of a cloud service which could supplement ‘on premises’ infrastructure could be an external spam filter – removing unwanted junk before it ever reaches your email server.


Hosting systems on your premises does not guarantee they can never be hacked. Instead, the types of risks will just be different. So, on premises systems are not  inevitably more secure, but they could be potentially more secure.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services are internet services. And the internet is oxygen of business.


Office 365

It's the most comprehensie and easy-to-use cloud system for business.


Azure, Aws and Google Cloud

The biggest cloud services providers are Microsoft, Amazon and Google.