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  • Cloud Services

Cloud services are internet services.

And the internet is the oxygen of business. How could we operate without it!

We are qualified Microsoft Cloud partners. We are knowledgeable and experienced with many of the biggest cloud providers and we provided a blended balance of services to keep our clients operational on a daily basis.

Partner with us and build your business online.

Why Cloud Email Makes Sense – An Example

Consider setting up an email server for an average small business. For a most simple configuration, this could be completed within a day using cloud services. Whereas it could take over a week to buy and configure your own server and host it in your own office, and the one-off setup costs would be far higher.

But this isn’t quite comparing apples with apples, so take qualified advice.

In many cases, depending on your exact business needs, there will be significant financial advantages and operational benefits in using a cloud-based service provider for your email.

Cloud Security

Obviously, in the 21 st Century, no one needs convincing of the advantages of using internet services to benefit a business. The challenge is more about cloud security. How do you control access to your data and your clients’ data, and how can you prevent hacks and data loss? At IntersysIT we offer comprehensive security services so our enthusiasm for cloud services is always balanced by their inherent and implicit risks.

Not every service can be taken at face value, take qualified advice, and you’ll find business benefits and cost savings in the best cloud services.

Cost Benefit Analysis

No business wants to use the cloud just for the sake of it – there must be commercial advantage. Be sure to balance them with consideration of hidden costs and risks too.

At a most basic level, a business may pay slightly more for a particular service over 3 years, than by building a similar system on its own premises. But the benefits of the cloud service can far outweigh an on-premises system.

To explore the potential benefits of cloud services for your business, call today or use our feedback form here.

Office 365

It's the most comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud system for business.


Azure, Aws and Google Cloud

The biggest cloud services providers are Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


No Cloud!

Not everybody wants to use the cloud for their business.