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  • Azure, Aws and Google Cloud

The biggest cloud services providers are Microsoft, Amazon and Google with Amazon Web Services (AWS) having the biggest market share. It is a hotly contest battle for market share and this benefits business as they compete to add new features and products on an almost monthly basis.

  • Amazon Web Services comprise a wide range of services aimed at developers and administrators, with a growing list of mainstream products for non-technical businesses.



  • The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is coming to market latterly, but it benefits from Google’s huge global network infrastructure which also supports their Gmail and YouTube services.


Which Should I Choose?

Developers often champion their preferred operating system and cloud platform with all the enthusiasm of a religious zealot. Business decisions must be based on a clear-headed consideration of feature-set suitability, and cost-benefit analysis. Always have a good reason for not taking thee obvious choice.

Our Choice

At IntersysIT, we use them of these cloud providers – each according to its suitability for the task.
If you are looking for a business solution to a particular problem, we can help you choose the most appropriate technical solution.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are internet services. And the internet is oxygen of business.


Office 365

It's the most comprehensie and easy-to-use cloud system for business.


No Cloud!

Not everybody wants to use the cloud for their business.