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  • This is Intersys IT

Intersys IT has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with IT support services for more than 20 years.

Many technology engineers seem to develop a consuming enthusiasm early in a career, which can involve lengthy study and many anti-social hours spent wrestling with technical challenges, before following a career path which takes advantage of that technical fascination. And so it is at IntersysIT.

In the same way that most successful businesses need a mixture of skillsets, so do we. Network engineers, server administrators, system designers, developers, security experts, desktop technicians – most businesses need all of these skills at some point in time. We are constantly learning, studying, testing and building the technology skills that we enjoy providing to clients.

IntersysIT has been trading for more than 20 years, and it continues to grow as a business. Our aim is to provide improving and continuous services to our clients, and help enable their business growth.

This is an ongoing journey.

And we love it!


Secure, skilled and committed information technology services.


Most small and medium-sized businesses choose to use external IT support services to drive their business success.

It is quicker and more flexible to engage a team of experts, than to hire specialist staff permanently. Deploying technical resources only when they are needed, rather than hiring, is a real cost saving. We can provide your whole IT function, or we can supplement your existing staff:

  • Where IT staff within a business need more help, or specialist help, it makes sense to use a friendly, qualified and experienced partner.
  • Where a business may have no skilled IT staff available, it makes sense to use a trusted partner to provide the support you need.

It is important to choose the right partner. The service has to be right. The advice you receive has to be right. And changing from one technology provider to another can be a difficult process.

Your new IT support partner

Qualified, experienced and Friendly engineers
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Let’s be honest – when did a business leader ever want to focus on IT?

You want to make the best business decisions at the right moments, and you want to set the direction for your company. And then get back to business.

IT functions should support your business, not the other way around.

With IntersysIT as your skilled IT partner, your business decisions will have technology support.

At IntersysIT, we don’t make promises we can’t deliver. We hope to build trust by being transparent and committed. If you are looking for a new technology partner, take a look at our services…