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  • Secure, skilled and committed
    information technology services

  • Secure, skilled and committed
    information technology services

We’re a mixture of people, all working together to provide the best technical services we can.


In the same way that most successful businesses need a mixture of skillsets.



Cloud services are internet services. And the internet is the oxygen of business.



Protect your business by protecting your computer data.


Secure, skilled and committed information technology services
Most small and medium-sized businesses choose to use external IT support services to drive their business success. IntersysIT provides these services. It is quicker and more flexible to engage a team of experts, than to hire specialist staff permanently. Deploying technical resources only when they are needed, rather than hiring, is a real cost saving.
Your new IT support partner
Qualified, experienced and Friendly engineers
Telephone 020-8891-6391
Choose your package
We provide a range of support services, designed to meet the needs of organizations of different structures and demands. Each IT Service is individually tailored to suit your particular business requirement, from fully managed IT support solutions to ad-hoc IT consultancy.
Fully tailored package
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This package includes:
Reactive support both remotely and on-site
Network administration including security and traffic monitoring
Proactive hardware support, monitoring server alerts, performance
IT strategy, planning and budgeting
Pay as you go package
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IT progect delivery
IntersysIT work alongside your existing IT staff to deliver special ‘one-off’ projects such as:
Hardware replacement / virtualisation
Software Upgrades and Migration

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